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Book Review

April 19, 2009

The Mother Daughter Book Club by Heather Vogel Frederick

I kinda wish I hadn’t wasted my money on this one. It was ok for the first few chapters, but after the whole Megan-sets-a-goat-loose-on-the-stage scenario, The author pretty much killed off the only interesting character. Megan at first was the only voice that was really different, but the author didn’t really write from Megan’s perspective a whole lot until after she’d changed.
After Megan breaks down into tears and admits she wants to be Emma’s friend again and stay in the book club (all of which, by the way, are totally out of character for her) The story gets rather dull. The 4 girls all go off to new york city, where each one’s dream gets to come true. And this is the point where the story goes from dull to unrealistic.
Megan is 12. There is no way she’d be hired to be a fashion designer. Emma is also a 12 year old kid, and no scriptwriter would even pay attention to her even if what she said was a good idea at the time. Cassidy catching the baseball at the Yankees/red socks game was the only thing that didn’t really bother me in and of itself, but combined with the other girls’ “Happily ever after in Disneyland” experiences was a bit much.
The author does touch quite briefly on what’s going on between Jess and her mom, but the scene falls flat, particulary because the conversation is told from Cassidy’s point of view. Why couldn’t the author write it from Jess’s perspective? Jess didn’t seem to really have any emotions in that part either. She cried a little, but if my mom left like that, I’d be devastated, come on you guys! Jess shed a few tears and then everything was just hunky dory.
Fast forward to a few months at the end of summer, the family is enjoying a wonderful picnic at Louisa May Alcott’s house when oh gosh, the dog has discovered something. The dad smiles knowingly and says let it off the leash and oh guess what folks, its Jess’s mom, come home to stay at last! And the whole family lives happily ever after. The end.
Now did that just make you want to barf up something cute pink and fuzzy?
And unfortunately I have to agree with some of the reviews on Amazon: the character’s voices were much too similar. The only way you could tell it was a different person narrating the story was by their names at the top of each chapter, even though they are all supposed to be “completely different.” Megan was different at first, but after she did her turn around and became one of the “good girls” she was totally dull.
And speaking of Megan’s “turnaround,” it was much too unrealistic. Girls just don’t think that way. In reality, Megan would’ve had more serious grievances with Emma (or at least, ones she felt were more serious) and she would not have been so quick to totally ditch Becca and turn against her. Megan might have had sympathies for Emma, and if the turnaround had taken a lot longer to accomplish, would probably make a bit more sense, but Megan’s character is still too “good” after that. In reality it would take her a lot longer to completely let go of her pride, if she bothered to at all.
This was worth reading to kill a few hours of my time on a boring Sunday afternoon, but I want my money back.

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